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ISE on Deepwater >

It is, according to BP, the harshest all-year round drilling location in the world. The Schiedhallion field, half way between the Orkney Island and Faroes, but closest to the Shetlands. This is the story of a BP the crew immersed in a simulated environment.

Where Seagulls Dare >

‘No pressure on me then,’ she said as she lifted the eight kilo drone off the long grass in the backyard of a school just outside Esbjerg.

The Job of My Life >

In June they commanded a fleet of nine anchor handling vessels, taking three quarters of a million tons of concrete and steel, 350 kilometres out into the Atlantic and placing its 130 metre wide base within a metre of a prepositioned ocean-bed pipe connection.

The Dear Hunter >

He estimates the hog to be 32 meters away, further back stands a stag, between them a rabbit and a pheasant, he turns to his left, takes aim, puts his whole system into a state of suspended motion and click, the arrow, the deer never stood a chance.

Conquering Chaos >

Sitting in comfort, we watched it on the news, but what is it like to live through a hurricane and its subsequent devastation? 

The Wind Box of Tricks >

When you are stuck in a box at the top of a 70 meter pole in the middle of nowhere and you have to stretcher an injured colleague to safety, you don’t want to be thinking, ‘so how do we get out of this one?’

The Favela Fella >

Even before he opens his mouth people ask if he’s a Viking and team mates from soccer games in the favelas ask him to their homes to show the family ‘this man from Denmark.’

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